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Rapper and mindfulness guru Eva Flow, standing between the branches staring out into the sun.

Photo credit: Evaflow

Nothing is in question, when you become the answer.

Life can be filled with a lot of uncertainties.

While some uncertainties we have no control over, others we have the choice to become more certain over, and we can also choose how we perceive them. When we’ve heard the advice, watched the videos and read the books, where do we turn for the final answer? 

Photo credit: Evaflow

There are many ancient texts that provide great advice on the best ways to live. Even if we choose a certain doctrine or belief system, it is us who have to make that final decision. The question is from what place are we making these decisions? Are there different levels of who we are which are more aligned and informed than the other?

We do have the answers, but just as a dictionary may have the meaning, we still have to look for the word. Is there a part of us we can find which has all the answers? Here begins the discussion, and yes this is a discussion. I don’t have the answer for YOU, and your answer may be vastly different than mine. This is the definition of a healthy discussion. The Ancient Hindu Vedic texts were written as discussions between teachers and students, and I like this model. The only difference is I am not a teacher, more a friend offering his thoughts and experiences. 

There is a deeper current flowing through the waves of life which is the essence of our existence. There is a deeper pull than just gravitation that lives in the soil and is the elixir of germination for the many different seeds. The current that lives in the ether, carries the wind and spins the Earth on its fingertips is the current of our involuntary breath and the beat of our heart. The same intelligence that wanes and waxes the moon and involuntarily regulates our oxygen supply is also inherently a part of who we are. We are at the core, deeply connected to this vast current, however, we egotistically roam about as independent pioneers and debonairs thinking it is we who are intelligent. This current is a currency and our alignment and identification with it is the truest measure of wealth and prosperity. 

 Ever heard the term sleep on it? Where did that term come from? When you do sleep on it and wake up with the answer, where did that answer come from? When you ‘feel’ a certain way about something, where did that feeling come from? Where does that feeling live? Sometimes we feel it in our gut, in our heart, in our brain, sometimes we feel it in our skin, in our bones. Sometimes we feel it in the air. What is it? When all is said and done, who will be there to make the decisions for us? Ultimately, we have to learn to make our own decisions, our own choices and take responsibility for them. We all want to make the right decisions, how do we do that? Do we inherently know the right thing to do? How can we create harmony between the surface level self and our deeper self even when our questions remain unanswered?

In the face of uncertainty our actions make us the answer, our habits become the solution. When challenges arise, when doubts and fears creep in, we become the answer through our response. We respond rightfully by sticking to habits that help keep us on a positive trajectory. When responding and answering the call it isn’t enough to just pick up the phone, we have to pick up the phone with the mindset that we are called to BE the answer. We all answer the call to life by waking up and facing the day, our actions and our attitude determine what we say when we pick up the phone. Picking up the phone is a great start and as we ‘conversate’ with our Self through positive affirmations and self-talk we become more ‘aligned’ and satisfy the call to BE the answer. 

You become the answer by becoming more and more in tune with the all knowing version of you. The version which is the essential spark of life, the essence of everything and everyone around you. The reason nothing is in question, once you become the answer is because the same ‘force’ that produces the question is the same ‘force’ that has the answer and that force is within you and is You. So, what practical steps can we take to become more in tune with the essence of our being? We discuss this in our next edition. See you then!

Written by Matthew ‘Evaflow’ Elliott

2022 SkyStarter Creative LLC

All Rights Reserved





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